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Serial Killer Luka Magnotta: Missing San Fransisco Boy Joseph Metwally

Missing Person: Joseph Metwally

Missing San Fransisco Boy Joseph Metwally.
After speaking with numerous people regarding Luka Magnotta, it has come to my attention that he is a serial killer.

Murder of Joseph Metwally


Luka Magnotta used to live in San Fransisco in 2008, at the time Joseph Metwally disappeared, same neighbourhood according to his friends in San Fransisco.

Magnotta would frequently lure teenagers to his apartment, drug them and sexually assault them on film for his paying clients.  When the news broke of Metwallys disappearance , friends of Luka’s in SanFransisco described a change in his demeanor and he even went so far as keeping the kids clothing so he could “dress up” as the dead teenager to impress the clients who watched the tape, they wanted Luka to re-create the murder and act as Joseph on film.

Luka Magnotta’s snuff films are all over the internet, yet still he is not questioned. This has been reported to SanFransisco police and they seem to be LAZY according to this article.


Luka Magnotta, bisexual porn star and Serial Killer is not only responsible for the brutal torture, mutilation, dismemberment and sexual assaults of animals, this man is also a psychopathic serial killer of humans.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “why hasnt he been caught and prosecuted for these crimes?”


The answer is bewildering and simple. You see folks, Luka used to be a high priced call boy (Escort, hooker, prostitute) whatever you want to call it. He would allegedly see very influential clients, clients who would pay him a lot of dough. He would work the major cities of the world, mainly New York, Toronto , Los Angeles and London. Making probably thousands of dollars per day as a top escort and porn star/model.


It is my theory and I am very adamant that after viewing the OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE which is undeniable that he is guilty of murdering at LEAST FIVE helpless animals, first a video called (1 Boy 2 kittens) where he takes two baby kittens , probably weeks old and plays Christmas songs while him and his friends take turns laughing and raping the cats, then he places them inside the vacuum storage bag, and sucks out the air, suffocating them while John Lennons “War is Over” is playing in the background. Afterwards you can see their rectums bleeding and then they are placed in the fridge for him to either eat or to have sex with later.


It was widely reported in most of the British Press because he was believed to be in London at the time. Never charged. That one happened Christmas 2010. Then in Christmas 2011 He took a cat and fed it to his 16ft long Albino Burmeese Python. Also he took another cat and taped it to a poll and drowned it in a bath tub. Other photos of cats and animals show he has a history of animal cruelty. BRUTAL animal cruelty.


Any sane human would wonder why the police wont investigate him or issue statements? Is one of his clients a member of the Illuminati  ? Or the Mason Group? Is he being protected by influential clients and the police? What is the reason he has not been apprehended yet? Ask yourselves!


If this was not bad enough, the man has appeared in pornos having sex with animals and women/men. BEASTALITY!


He is rumored to be involved romantically with released FEMALE serial killer KARLA HOMOLKA !


There is a WOMAN in the Python Christmas video who is petting the python, could it be Karla?


Do these people SELL black market murder videos for BIG CASH on the black market? How are both him and Homolka able to slip under the radar and both are not able to be found? Karla is going by the name EMILY BORDELAIS or LEANNE TEALE. Apparently living in Montreal or Guadeloupe. Luka goes by the name VLADIMIR ROMANOV and is rumored to be in San Fransico or Canada.


Going back to my theory, not to reveal my identity for fear of reprocussions by the psychopaths!

Luka Magnotta

Luka Magnotta


Luka Magnotta San Fransisco California Unsolved Murders

Luka Magnotta sanFransisco

Luka Magnotta 


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